This is a photo of Sally in her prime, it was taken whilst on a Skiing Holiday in California in January 2001, when Sally was 38

I Like a Woman that drinks a Pint !!

Since then, Sally has been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease.
Now, some four and a half  years later, Sally can do nothing for herself and is totally reliant on the people around her and some fantastic Carers that do a wonderful job.  She is even, now finding it difficult to control her electric wheelchair as the strength in her arms and hands is almost zero.

For more information on MND, please click on the link below.

Sally's symptoms started, with just a slight warble in her voice and some loss of control in her hands and when a concerned Sally visited the Doctors, she was told it was just Anxiety, She was a career woman with  2 young children, had recently taken redundancy from her job or 14 years, so they said it was Anxiety!!

Sally knew different.
She'd trawled through books and researched on the internet and kept going back to the doctors, started to drive us all mad ! .... but she knew!

In the mean time the symptoms were getting worse, whilst on a short break with the kids, Sally had a terrible fall down some concrete steps outside the Lowry Gallery, in Manchester. She was Ambulanced to hospital and had badly bruised and grazed face and legs and a couple of broken teeth.
The MND was starting to affect other parts of her body.
They finally gave in and said that they would have to do a brain scan but that Sally would have to wait !!
Sally had other ideas and paid for it to be done privately.  Now, this is the strange bit, they can't actually do a test for MND, not that the doctors were thinking or saying that that was what Sally was suffering with ! So they do a brain scan to see if there's a tumour or liquid pressing on something, they do a lumber puncture to test for this, they do an MRI to test for that and they prod, and they poke and eventually they say....... It's nothing else so it must be MND!!

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